miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

my parents._.

my parents are married, are the most beautiful beings that may exist in the world with them all beautiful, twenty two years have married the love.

my family(L)

my family is a wonderful company our union is unique, we share every Sunday, we travel all together. we played, we laughed, made jokes, danced around a bit, I thank God for this hermoza family I have. and I want all families to be united and try to forget all those obstacles ill.

my neighborhood:D

the neighborhood where I live with my family is clean and everything is good, the roads are very good, the neighbors are very friendly and amenable. my house is a wonderful place is always clean and clutter.

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

the people in my life; activity 2*

my mom and my sister together forever and we all

- she is my sister love

- she is my beautiful mother and I love my boyfriend are best

activity 2*

I admire'm proud of him I thank God for all that I shared with my family and is unique for me is the best person his advice, his teaching, his humility, his treatment people consider him my hero endlessly. I love god bless you today tomorrow and always.

miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

activity 1

1.- what's your name?
2.- Where are you from?
3.- How old are you?
4.- What do you do?
5.- What school do you go to?
6.- What do you do for fun?
- what are your hobbies?
- what do you like?
7.- What's your phone number?
- pin
- email
- blog link
- facebook
8.- What avatars name?

1) Ana Sanchez
2) Venezuela; mcbo
3) 20
4) Student
5) Marketing
6) Dancing
- music
- chocolate
7) 0414.9645070
- 208c7e79
- ana20036@hotmail.com
- anasanchez6.blogspot.com
- ana sanchez
8) She has no Avatar

1)Carlos Bravo
2) Venezuela; mcbo
3) 20
4) Student
5) Graphis desing
6) Play video game
- chat
- music/sleep
7) 0424.6740734
- no
- carlosbravo@hotmail.com
- carlosbravo.blogspot.com
- carlos bravo
8) he has no Avatar